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ASC Industries is considered an “Essential Critical Infrastructure” organization and we will remain open to serve all of our customers during the COVID-19 crisis. We wish for all of our customers, suppliers, employees, and friends to stay safe and healthy. Together we all make it through these trying times.



Testing of Lifting Equipment & Fixtures 


For companies that rely on heavy lifting devices to move their product through the shop and out the door, equipment downtime can significantly impact productivity and, ultimately, the bottom line. For example, if a coil lifter is not working properly or if it does not meet current OSHA/ANSI/ASME compliance regulations, it is critical to get that device up and in full compliance as soon as possible to keep operations running at peak productivity levels.

At ASC Industries,we understand the importance of keeping your heavy lifting equipment and fixtures in "like new" condition - not only meeting, but exceeding today's stringent compliance requirements.
From the transport of your equipment to our facility to testing, repair, painting, and tagging, our experienced team of in-house and on-site professionals, including full-time design engineers, ensures that your lifting device will offer the performance you expect and the reliability you need!

Rely on ASC Industries for:

  • “Certification of Load” testing to a minimum of 125% of the equipment rated load.
  • Magnetic particle inspection to ensure the integrity of the steel
  • Timely order turnaround: emergency service available.
  • The services of an experienced ASC Field Team to perform on-site visual inspection of your lifting equipment and fixtures.
  • On-site load testing available for hoist, lifting devices, magnets, and rigging products (Ask for details).

For more information about our testing services or for a free cost estimate on your paticular application, please contact an ASC Industries’ representative today!













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