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Basic Sling Types



Vertical Chocker Basket
Type 1
The Web Fitting functions both as a triangle and chocker. No more need to position the sling before chocking the load. Fits larger crane hooks than TC and TT sling fittings.
Type 1          TC Slings
Slings with a triangle on one end and with a slotted triangle (the chocker) on the other end. Choice of lightweight aluminum or durable steel fittings.
Type 2          TT Slings
Slings with a triangle at both ends. Used in vertical and basket hitches only. Choice of lightweight aluminum or durable steel fittings.
Type 3          EE Slings
Slings with an eye at both ends. Choice of straight or tapered eyes (tapered eyes are standard for 3” web-width and up)
Type 4          EE Slings
Same basic type as Type 3, but the eyes are twisted to a right angle to the sling body. (Tapered eyes are standard for 2” web-width and up).
Type 5          EN Slings
Endless slings, also referred to as grommet slings. Is the most versatile sling.
Type 6          RN Slings
Return eye sling, also referred to as reversed eye sling. Sling body is formed by 2 parts of webbing sewn side by side using a cordura tube which protects not only the sling edges, but the entire sling body.
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