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Operating Practice


Chapter 5.0
Recommended Operating Practices


Section 5.1 Purpose

5.1.1 The purpose of this chapter is to provide guidelines of webbing sling preparation, inspection and use.

Section 5.2 Mechanical Considerations

5.2.1 Determine weight of the load. The weight of the load shall be within the rated capacity of the sling.
5.2.2 Select sling having suitable characteristics for the type of load, hitch and environment.
5.2.3 Slings shall not be loaded in excess of the rated capacity. Consideration should be given to the angle of lift, (sling to load angle) which affects rated capacity.
5.2.4 Slings with fittings which are used in a chocker hitch shall be of sufficient length to assure that the choking action is on the webbing, and never on the other fitting.
5.2.5 Slings used in a basket hitch shall have the load balanced to prevent slippage.
5.2.6 The opening in fittings shall be the proper shape and size to insure that the fitting will seat properly in the hook or other attachments.
5.2.7 Slings shall be protected from contact with edges, protrusions or abrasive surfaces.
5.2.8 Slings shall not be dragged on the floor or over an abrasive surfaces.
5.2.9 Slings shall not be pulled from under loads when the load is resting on the sling.
5.2.10 Slings shall not be pulled from under loads when the load is resting on the sling.
5.2.11 Do not drop slings equipped with metal fittings.
5.2.12 Slings that appear to be damaged shall not be used unless inspected and accepted as usable under Section 5.2.
5.2.13 The sling shall be hitched in a manner providing control of the load.
5.2.14 Portions of the human body should be kept from between the sling and the load, and from between the sling and the crane hook or hoist hook.
5.2.15 Personnel should stand clear of the suspended load.
5.2.16 Personnel shall not ride the sling.
5.2.17 Shock loading should be avoided.
5.2.18 Twisting the legs (branches) shall be avoided.
5.2.19 Load applied to the hook should be centered in the base (bowl) of hook to prevent point loading on the hook.
5.2.20 During lifting, with or without the load, personnel shall be alert for possible snagging.
5.2.21 The slings’ legs (branches) should contain or support the load from the sides above the center of gravity when using a basket hitch.
5.2.22 Slings shall be long enough so that the rated load (rated capacity) is adequate when the angle of the legs (branches) is taken into consideration.
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